Protect Each Stage of Your Life

Circumstances may change, but the need to have your affairs in order never will.

Multigenerational family needing estate planning for all generations

Make A Plan, Rely on the Plan

Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Whether you’re just getting started or are heading into retirement, you likely have assets, investments, finances and more that need protection. Madsen Beck can help you determine what legal tools would be right in your situation to meet your needs and objectives.

Multigenerational family needing estate planning for all generations

Navigate Estate Planning Concerns

Probate & Trust Administrations

Probate is unavoidable after death, but the process itself can be easier with a detailed Will and/or Living Trust. You can make a difficult life event less stressful for those you love. If you are navigating probate or a trust dispute, Madsen Beck litigation services can help you arrive at a resolution.  

Multigenerational family needing estate planning for all generations

Care For Your Family

Guardianships, Conservatorships, Adoptions

Planning for different family dynamics can require specific legal knowledge. Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Adoption impact how you care for your loved ones. Madsen Beck legal services help you with planned or unplanned events impacting your family’s care.

Multigenerational family needing estate planning for all generations

Protect Your Business

Business Planning, Formation & Management

The way you structure and operate your business can have huge implications legally and financially if not done correctly. Whether you’re just getting started, managing  growth, or dissolving  a current entity, Madsen Beck can provide legal services tailored to your needs.

About Madsen Beck

Your life is multifaceted, and protecting it requires a thoughtful legal team that can see the big picture and provides the right guidance and tools for your situation. Madsen Beck provides comprehensive legal services to proactively safeguard your livelihood through estate planning, business planning, family planning, and responsive litigation for any estate, Probate & Trust Administration, or other challenges.

We believe the best defense is a great offense. Working together, we can ensure you have a plan that will shield your assets and estate from unnecessary complications.

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Choosing a Representative in Estate Planning

Choosing a Representative in Estate Planning

In completing your estate planning, there are often tough choices that need to be made. These important decisions include determining who you want to make decisions on your behalf if you are not available to do so because of unavailability, incapacity or death. The most common types of representatives include a personal representative/executor, trustee, power of attorney and guardian. Each of these representatives include different goals and considerations. Let us assist you in choosing the best personal representative, power of attorney, guardian or trustee for you and your family.