Estate Planning During a Pandemic

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Estate Planning, Insights, Media

Recent events and global lockdowns have turned things upside down for many. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to consider how prepared each of us is for an emergency and has highlighted the importance of proper estate planning.

Certain high-risk groups, such as medical professionals, first responders, and the elderly, or other compromised persons, may be more motivated to update existing plans or establish estate plans for the first time that accomplish their goals.

Whether or not you are in a high-risk group, it is important to have the proper legal documents in place to manage your assets during incapacity, direct who receives your property when you pass away, and ensure that your wishes for your medical care are known.

However, we are living in times that make completing your estate planning more complicated. Madsen Beck has taken steps to ensure that no matter the circumstances, we can be available to assist you. This article will discuss important aspects of estate planning you need to take into account in our current situation, as well as how Madsen Beck has worked to make estate planning services available for everyone, even during a time of lockdown and global pandemic.

Remote (and FREE) Estate Planning Consultations

We now offer remote consultations that can be conducted over the phone or through video conference if you are more comfortable staying at home. Often, we can assist you with your needs through a phone call and the exchange of emails. Through video conferencing and other communication technology, we are able to seamlessly assist you with your estate planning and other matters.

Electronic and Remote Notarization

Idaho is among the states that have enacted laws that allow the remote notarization of some documents, which is an important part of properly executing an estate plan. Madsen Beck has taken steps to ensure that electronic notarizations are an option for our clients. Please see our article entitled Remote Notarization in Idaho for more information.

Safe Signings

Even with remote notarization, some documents such as wills also have witness requirements that cannot be done remotely. Therefore, we have prepared ways for clients to execute their estate planning documents in a safe, secure, and socially-distanced fashion. The attorneys and staff at Madsen Beck are available to travel to complete the signing of these types of documents if you are more comfortable staying at home or offer clean and sanitized conference rooms with staff that observes social distancing guidelines to protect your health.

At Madsen Beck, we prepare customized estate plans for our clients and we are committed to providing the peace of mind that comes from a well-designed estate plan, even during the current crisis.

As we adapt to the ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19, we hope you and your families are safe and healthy. We are here to help ensure you are comfortable with your current estate plan, and to assist those of you without an estate plan in place to take this time to take steps towards doing so.

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